Who still knows Ludwig Baumann? To change this fact should be the goal of a project called BauDi. BauDi stands for Baumann Digital and thus borrows from the digital flagship project FreiDi (Freischütz Digital). With a combination of techniques from the Digital Humanities and methods from philology and edition studies, BauDi is intended to be the first scientific study of Baumann.
The team of musicologists and music computer scientists is working out (as an aspects of Baumann's life (as an initiation project) within the framework of three parallel final theses that are being written in parallel. At the end of the summer semester 2017, all of these final theses are to be combined into a large-scale project (BauDi). will be completed. The project aims to present a comprehensive portal to the life, work and environment of the composer, which can be constantly expanded. Soon there will be materials and knowledge for further processing and research around Ludwig Baumann will be available. There will also be further materials, such as scans scans of first printings, which unfortunately have not yet found a place in the three master theses. will be made available.