Ludwig Baumann, born on 26 June 1866 in Eggenstein (Karlsruhe district), was an extremely well-known composer and choir master, both regionally and nationally. As director of numerous male choirs, including the powerful Karlsruhe-based “Männergesangverein Badenia 1871 e. V.”, could Baumann his greatest successes. Mainly Baumann was a seminary music teacher. Through his work at the teacher seminar he prepared between 1902 and 1926 numerous music teachers for the school service. Through his appointment as court organist (1909) he became, a part of the Grand Ducal Court. Despite this proximity to the court, Baumann contact with the bourgeois music scene and in the period before and during the World War I, he directed the “Karlsruher Liederhalle”. After his activity with this club, the conductor changed to the “Badenia” where he occupied the musical direction until 1922. At beginning of the 1930s. Baumann ended his activity as a conductor and devoted himself entirely to composition, lyricism, and social tasks. In the the following years the composer withdrew more and more from the musical world and spends the last years of his life in his final last domicile in Baden-Baden. Ludwig Baumann died on 30 October 1944 and was buried in the cemetery in Baden-Baden in the immediate family circle.